๐Ÿ“žTelegram Scams

Telegram, true degens and crypto addicts know this is the best place for crypto chatter, groups, call channels and project chats. But once again, scamming scum are lurking in every corner!

Fake Groups

Random DM's

General DM's

Now and again someone you don't know will message you on telegram, sometimes with a pretty picture of an attractive man or woman for a pfp! They will strike up conversation in the most random ways, try and gain a rapport with you. It may continue like this and flourish into the most wonderful of friendships...โค๏ธ OR... They fist you ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฟ They'll ask for money, send you a link, advise you to check out this coin, or this tool, or this trading group etc... JUST BE CAREFUL. Don't click links randoms on the internet send you and connect your wallet! C'MON GUYS!

Fake trading groups

Marketers or Listing Agents

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