๐ŸคฏCrypto Jargon

Common terms and acronyms used across the crypto space

WAGMI - "We're all gonna make it"

NGMI - "Not gonna make it"

CA - "Contract Address"

Rekt - "lost it all"

Rugged - "got rug-pulled"

Kek - "lol"

Jfc - "Jesus fucking christ"

Smh - "Shake my head"

KYC - "Know your customer"

LFG - "Let's fucking go"

Jeets - "early sellers or over-traders"

Chads - "Big buyers or good holders"

HODL - "Hold on for dear life"

Diamond Hands - "long-term holders even through volatility"

Paper/Weak Hands - "unable to hold long-term especially through volatility"

CEX - "Centralised Exchange"

DEX - "Decentralised Exchange"

Bag - "Your holdings"

Bagholder - "Left with your tokens after everyone else sells"

Pump - "Price goes up rapidly"

Dump - "Price goes down rapidly"

PND - "Pump & Dump" - often intentional and a type of scam

TP - "Take profits"

Shilling - "Pushing a project or token"

DAO - "Decentralised Autonomous Organisation"

Dev - "Developer"

Ape - "Buy in to a token"

HP - "Honeypot" - Token that is (or becomes) unsellable

Farm - "Tax farm" - Project or token created soley for the team to earn taxes

LP - "Liquidity Pool"

FOMO - "Fear of missing out"

Touch Grass - "take a break from crypto/charts etc"

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